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A Call to Farms is a monthly newsletter with updates from across the food and agriculture sectors. Each issue contains a short theme-based article and then provides links to a range of recent publications and other interesting developments.

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A CALL TO FARMS - a quality agriculture newsletter

   Aug 2010 - Food is Everything, Everything is Food

   July 2010 - Finding Firm Foundations on Shifting Societal Sands

   June 2010 - System Change by Stirring the Food and Agriculture Public Policy Pot

   May 2010 - Defining or Redefining Sustainable Agriculture

   Apr 2010 - We Want to Change But How?

   Mar 2010 - The Age of Government

   Feb 2010 - To GM or Not To GM Is that the Right Question?

   Jan 2010 - Looking Back, Looking Forward

   Dec 2009 - Food Safety Policy on the Move

   Nov 2009 - What Role for Large Industry?

   Oct 2009 - The Little Things that Make a Difference

   Sep 2009 - Fishing for a Sustainable Way Forward

   Aug 2009 - Climate Change Offers Opportunities

   Jul 2009 - Local and/or Global Agriculture?

   Jun 2009 - Welcome

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